Ford F-250 Farm Truck Places Function Ahead of Form

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It may not look shiny and new, but this 1985 Ford F-250 is more capable than before thanks to a substantial lift and strong winch.

As nice as shiny, fresh paint and gleaming trim is to see on a truck, the truth is that it does nothing to help it do one of its main jobs: Hauling and towing things. When it comes to work, what really matters is the substance under all of that flash. The man behind the Youtube channel Red Poppy Ranch (RPR) seems to know that well, which would explain his approach to his 1985 Ford F-250 4X4 farm truck build.

He set out to make his F-Series more capable and better able to handle his property’s terrain. His philosophy was simple, even if the work to physically manifest it wasn’t. He focused on function instead of form. He did change some major body parts, but he only did that to make his rig a more effective farm truck. 1985 Ford F-250 Farm Truck Rebuild

The head of RPR tore off the original front bumper. A simple upgrade wouldn’t do, though. To improve his truck’s lighting, he cut into both ends of the new bumper and installed two 20-inch bars in the new holes before bolting the whole assembly into place. He also fit a 10,000-pound winch in the middle of the bumper. As cool as it looks, he had a practical, non-aesthetic reason to put it there: So he wouldn’t get stuck…again.

To make sure his F-250 could get over obstacles on his property, the head of RPR gave it a four-inch lift and fresh mud tires. Despite the lift, his truck’s ride quality is pleasant. He also upgraded the front axle, which he saw as its weakest link.

The bed was rusted and busted, so the owner of RPR ripped it off. He also removed the rear fuel tank, bumper, and skid plate. After all was said and done, he shaved about 700-800 pounds off of his truck, although he added back some of that with a new flatbed and a 40-gallon auxiliary fuel tank.

The end result is an honest truck that’s ready to work hard, dents and rust be damned. Sure, it won’t win any beauty contests, but it looks pretty damn good to us.

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