Tire Smokin’ Tuesday: Random Guy Does Donuts in a Beat-Up F-250

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Ford F-250

Given the Setting for This Video, We Have No Doubts on How This F-250 Got So Banged Up

This week’s “Tire Smokin’ Tuesday” video features a previous generation Ford F-250 doing a smoky diesel burnout. The burnout then transitions into an even smokier donut, which for some reason transitions into a second YouTube video. Confusing? Yes.

There’s a lack of information on this particular truck, but we can tell by the appearance that it’s a 2011-2016 F-250 Super Duty. In addition, we believe it to be a latter model year based on the wheels. In addition, we can tell from the smoke that this F-250 is packing a PowerStroke diesel engine. Furthermore, there were two different variations of the 6.7L diesel, but it’s unclear which version is in this truck.

If it’s the latter, it would have come stock with 440 horsepower and 860 lb-ft of torque. Needless to say, that’s plenty of power to roast the rear tires, or do just about anything else.

Based on the plume of black smoke preceding the first burnout, we would guess this F-250 PowerStroke has had a little performance-enhancing work done. Even with something as simple as a tune, and an exhaust system, it can easily push the torque levels over 1000 lb-ft. Regardless, this truck does some wicked burnouts.

In the first video by Logan Oldham, the F-250 starts off at a stop sign with the Gadsden flag waiving from the passenger side. When traffic clears, the driver begins to smoke the tires. Once the tires are spinning, the driver lets the truck drift out into the intersection for a quick spin – or donut, if you like.

This first video is solid, but in the second short video the F-250 does such a massive burnout that the truck disappears into the smoke.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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