Ford F-250 Built Specifically for Extreme Weather Duty

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We already know that the F-250 is ‘Built Ford Tough.’ But this one takes things a few steps further.

Built Ford Tough” isn’t just a clever marketing slogan – it’s reality. We know this not only because we own and drive Ford trucks ourselves, but also because we’ve seen them survive the most extreme conditions on earth. Which, of course, includes the kind of extreme weather that drives most folks into the basement. But instead of hiding out in the garage, this Ford F-250 is built specifically to drive directly into nature’s fray.

In fact, the owner of the truck, YouTuber ChasingTheMeso, claims that he uses his pickup to chase storms all across America. Which the 2000 model Ford F-250 is pretty capable of doing on its own. In this case, simple enhancements were all that was needed to make those harrowing trips a little easier. They include Rancho shocks and 33-inch Nitto Terra Grappler tires, along with a host of electronic equipment to capture footage of the extreme weather encounters.

Ford F-250

Of course, visibility in the middle of a storm can get bleak with stock headlights. So you’ll find a pair of light bars mounted on the front of this Ford F-250 to shed some light on the situation. In one instance, the lights helped him see some downed power lines in the middle of the road, so we’d say they’re worth it. Throw on a big brush guard to assist with flying debris, and you’ve got a pretty tough front end. Of course, none of that helps with hail damage, but that’s just part of the deal.

Ford F-250

Inside, this Ford F-250 is all business, too. A scanner, laptop, radar, GPS, HAM radio, and 4G signal booster help locate storms worth chasing. An on-board camera captures all that footage, which is obviously an important piece of this puzzle. So far, this F-250 has logged roughly 75k miles chasing storms exclusively. Which we’d say makes it a pretty tough customer!



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