Ford F-250 Budget Off-Road Build Conquers Rocks (Video)

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Virtually stock 9th gen Ford F-250 proves that you don’t need much more than a Ford to have fun off-road.

Take a stroll around various off-road enthusiast sites, and you might think that you need thousands of dollars in equipment to enjoy our nation’s trails. Plenty of guys spend plenty of money turning their trucks into mud crawlers, after all. But if you want to enjoy America’s favorite hobby, you don’t need fancy adjustable shocks and hydraulic steering. All you need is a well used Ford F-250.

Off-roading on a budget doesn’t take much more than that, as you can see in this recent Dirt Every Day segment from Motor Trend. These guys regularly take normal old trucks, modify them to accept bigger wheels and tires, and then wring them out off-road. This time around, they do so with a ex-construction duty 1994 Ford F-250.

Ford F-250

After spending some time rock crawling and traversing some trails, the crew comes away pretty impressed. Even with a misfiring stock V8 and 5-speed with granny gear. Impressively, the 37-inch tires and BDS lift don’t affect the driveability of the truck, which also sports 4.10:1 gears. In spite of some power steering issues and a desperate need for a tune up, the old Ford F-250 performs quite admirably.

And that just proves our point. This truck doesn’t have off-road staples like a front locker or Dana axle. No high-dollar light bars or bumpers. Heck, the front bumper looks handmade. It even has 280k or 380k miles on the odometer, no less. No frills, and probably a truck that these guys picked up on the cheap. And concrete proof that you don’t need big bucks and fancy equipment to have a little weekend fun.

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