This Ford F-150 Packs ALL the Horsepower!

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Whether an incredible feat or an inconsiderate way of transporting a horse, this F-150 owner is one handy dude.

Ford trucks are designed to be put to work. Whether that involves dropping the kids off at school or towing 30,000 pounds of cargo through the Rocky Mountains, they’re engineered to tackle challenges from A to Z.

Of course, sometimes these challenges can be a little, what’s a good way to say it, eccentric? While most of the general population would acquire a trailer to transport a horse from one place to another, the owner of this F-150 opted for a more unorthodox approach. After all, this did take place in the great state of Oklahoma. (Just kidding.)


This video by Mathakiya Sabir brings us a sight none of us at Ford Truck Enthusiasts had ever seen. Heck, we’ve even spotted a Chevy towing a fifth-wheel trailer from its rear bumper, but never a freaking horse chilling in the bed of a Ford pickup. Seriously?!

We’re not horse trainers or vets, but this just seems like a dangerous way of transporting an animal that has a high center of gravity and can easily weight 1,200 pounds. Regardless, it’s truly a sight to behold.

Enjoy the video!

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