Ford F-150 Miraculously Survives Wildfire’s Mass Destruction

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The wildfire seemed to consume everything around the F-150, miraculously “blowing” over the red truck before continuing its path.

The “Ford Tough” slogan the Motor Company proudly blasts through the airwaves isn’t bologna — it’s a work ethic — a culture. While there’s no logical explanation for this freakish occurrence reported by the Detroit Free Press, we at Ford Truck Enthusiasts believe it embraces the popular slogan.

According to this report, Kate and Dave Andersen had to flee their home in northern California as wildfires rapidly incinerated the Sonoma area. The couple along with their 24-year-old daughter, Kaley, gathered their belongings and packed for what they knew could be a wild ride. The glow of the raging fire was approaching rapidly, so they boarded Dave’s Ford Ranger and Kaley’s Escape and evacuated the area.


The Ford-owning family imagined they’d be back a few days later, almost sure they’d find their home and the rest of their belongings untouched. Sadly, that wasn’t the case. Sort of…

After more than a week away, the Andersens returned to their neighborhood only to find their home turned into ashes, their neighbors’ homes turned into ashes, and just about everything else turned into ashes. Except for their 2007 Ford F-150, which braved fire and incredibly high temperatures to escape with nothing but melted fender guards, taillights, mirrors, and a few other pieces of trim.


Judging by the photo shoot published by the news outlet, other neighboring vehicles didn’t enjoy the same luck — like this Dodge Challenger which was completely incinerated. As in what caused the F-150 to survive, no one really knows? “It runs. The interior is in terrific shape, but all the plastic on the outside melted because it was so hot,” Dave Andersen told the Detroit Free Press.

The wildfires may have destroyed 5% of the homes in Santa Rosa and caused great damage to the environment — but it couldn’t kill a ten-year-old F-150.

How’s that for “Ford Tough?”

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