Drag Race: Ford F-150 Raptor vs. F-150 3.5L Twin Turbo

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The guys over at TFLTruck.com got it into their heads to put a Ford F-150 Raptor up against a Ford F-150 3.5L twin turbo to see which one would take top honors. The 2014 F-150 Raptor is a naturally aspirated 6.2L V8 that pumps out 411 horsepower will be piloted by Andre and the 2016 F-150 3.5L with twin turbos pumps out 365 hp will be piloted by Nathan.
While not an entirely scientific test, the F-150 3.5L Twin Turbo managed to beat out the Raptor by .02 seconds. Conducted at one mile above sea level where the air is a bit thinner, the F-150 3.5L Twin Turbo had the edge. Had the test been conducted at sea level there is a chance the big Raptor would have had an advantage. The fact is that car companies are making strides in making smaller engines that consume less fuel but remain just as “performance oriented” as their larger engine brethren. Ford is already do a good job of this with their EcoBoost 1L engines found in many of their small and mid-sized cars.

Source: TFLTruck.com

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