F-150 Rescues a Chevy Silverado…and a Travel Trailer!

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Not even Duramax diesel power can get the Chevy out of this sticky situation. But a Ford truck can.

Floods are blindly destructive. They don’t care where they strike, how much damage they cause, or what they take with them, whether it’s people, pets, or homes. The owner of the Chevy Silverado in this video encounters a flood that prevents him from driving his truck and travel trailer onto dry land. Luckily, he knows a young man with a Ford F-150.

According to his Youtube account, that man’s name is Terry Douglas. He owns a 1995 F-150 XLT with the 302 cubic-inch V8 under its hood and the shift lever for a five-speed manual gearbox in its cab. He got it as a bone stock truck and proceeded to make it his own by lifting it six inches and bolting on a set of meaty 35×12.50×15 BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM2 tires.

ford-trucks.com Ford F-150 Pulls a Chevrolet Silverado Out of Mud

That rubber comes in handy for his Chevy-loving friend, who can’t get his Silverado 2500 and double-axle travel trailer out of the muck created by a National Guard-level flood. Douglas’s buddy hooks one end of a substantial rope up to the F-150’s rear and the other end to one of the Chevy’s front tow hooks. Then it’s time to pull.

Douglas slowly pulls the rope taut, then gets on the gas. His tires dig into the wet grass and fling up mud, but the Silverado remains where it is. After another unsuccessful attempt, Douglas backs up, then charges forward. The Silverado makes a noticeable shift. Douglas’s friend encourages him to stay on the throttle. The revs climb as more earth comes shooting out of the BFGs’ tread blocks.

Finally, the Chevy and trailer are free and able to get onto dry ground under their own power. The flood may not have destroyed them, but it probably destroyed any opportunity for the Chevy owner to talk trash about Ford trucks for years to come.

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