Badass F-150 Prerunner Will Make You Ache for a New Project

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Boasting a lightweight body, a powerful motor, and a high-performance suspension, this Ford F-150 is one of Instagram’s best.

Most truck enthusiasts want to go fast, really fast. Whether it’s on pavement or dirt, there’s no replacement for displacement, nor for the adrenaline high that comes from speeding down a drag strip or sand dune at the wheel of a Ford truck.

Matt Atkin knows that, and by the looks of his Instagram account, that’s the reason he can be found at the dunes on any given weekend. While we don’t have the details on this tenth-generation F-150 prerunner, we discovered that he recently sold this badass machine to focus on other priorities. Nonetheless, he’s constantly posting photos of it to his feed, often reminding us of how much he loved his red truck.

From what we gather, it took over six years to complete the build, and although it’s a serious prerunner, it’s also fully street legal. A shot of the inside of the truck reveals a plethora of switches which operate things like lights, wipers, turn signals. Despite not knowing what kind of motor is under the fiberglass hood, we can see a complex King suspension, as well as some serious BF Goodrich rubber on all four corners.

In case you’re wondering, this red devil isn’t Atkin’s first badass Ford. Nope, after scrolling down far enough into his feed, we learned that he previously owned a white F-150 (looks like a 1993 model) nicknamed “Condor.” Needless to say, it’s just as cool as his most recent truck.

Enjoy his photos, and don’t forget to check out his account and double-tap to like.

The early stages of the red F-150.

Motor goes in.

Lots ‘o switches.

She’s red!

That’s some serious fun.


How about that white Infiniti, though?


Awesome shot by @Kylewellsphoto


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Main photo courtesyย @Kylewellsphoto

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