Hitched ’16 Ford F-150 vs. ’17 F-150: Video

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Truckin’ Fast Wednesday: Ford Trucks Drag Race with Trailers

Two powerful Ford trucks battle it out to prove which is more powerful in this week’s “Truckin’ Fast Wednesday” video. The clip features a drag race between a 2016 Ford F-150 and a 2017 F-150. But this isn’t the type of auto race that we generally see here on Ford Truck Enthusiasts. These two vehicles are racing up a 7% uphill grade while hooked up to identical enclosed car trailers. So as you might imagine, we are not going to see incredible speeds here.

“I think this is a pretty decisive demonstration of the advantages of a 10-speed transmission,” says the driver of the newer model as the vehicles get in gear.

The point of this Ford F-150 drag-race video is to show the acceleration advantage of the new 10-speed automatic transmission. Both of these F-150s have the 3.5L EcoBoost V6, which delivers a 12,200-lb. maximum tow rating when properly equipped. But the 2017 Ford truck (camera vehicle) has the all-new 10-speed gearbox. The transmission delivers improved acceleration via optimized wide-span gear spacing, coupled with drag-reduction actions. The 2016 model has the 6-speed transmission. These trucks launch from a complete stop. After a little wheel spin, the pair of twin-turbo pickups battle up the hill.

As you might expect, the more aggressive gearing in the transmission of the 2017 Ford yields much better acceleration, cruising away from the 2016 F-150 as the race goes on. Also giving the newer truck an added advantage is the 2017 F-150’s high-strength, military-grade aluminum alloy body that is reportedly up to 700 pounds lighter than previous  models.

“For all you doubters on the 10-speed, it gets the job done,” boasts the winning driver of the 2017 Ford as he flashes a confident winner’s grin.

In short, this clip proves how powerful the revamped 2017 F-150 is — even when loaded and racing up a hill.

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