Ford F-150 Owners Rack up Massive Miles with Few Problems

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Ford F-150

Accumulating 300k+ miles on a Ford F-150 is obviously no sweat to these folks.

More than likely, if you’re reading this, you’ve owned at least one Ford F-150 in your lifetime. Heck, we are talking about the best-selling vehicle in America for 42 years running. And part of the reason why you love these trucks so much is likely due to their reliability. We routinely see trucks with hundreds of thousands of miles on them, still going strong. And that’s exactly what we found in this very cool thread at our brother site, F-150 Online, where several members recently shared their high-mile F-150 stories.

“My 1999 Ford F-150 XLT with a 4.6 V8 turned over 300,000 miles last week,” boasted aep. “I’ve used nothing but synthetic oil since 36,000. Done all maintenance as scheduled. The major things have been a new alternator at 150,000 and new front end parts just recently. Outside of a dash bulb out and my digital odometer fading in and out it’s in great shape. Undoubtedly the best vehicle I’ve ever owner and I still drive it anywhere today.”

And the OP isn’t the only one that’s racked up a bunch of trouble free miles on his F-150, either.

“215,000 miles, going strong” added 98Lariet4x4. “I actually bought it a 204,000, quite a chance for me because I rarely ever gamble on anything. But I think that it’s a testament to the truck that it drove so damn well that I just couldn’t turn it down.”

Ford F-150

“I have 283,000 miles on my 1995 F-150 XLT,” said 5.8W351. “It has a 351 Windsor with the e40d transmission. Nothing besides regular oil changes and new spark plugs and wires. Motor still runs very strong and transmission is still smooth. I have a K&N filter and serpentine pulleys. I did lose a tension pulley going down the road, but that thing was worn out, and when it went out, it went out. Nothing but the bearing left. They haven’t all been highway miles or putt putt either. Hard working on a farm and then I took it over and now it has street racing miles on it. Had about 190,000 when i got it from my Dad.”

Racking up lots of miles on an F-150 with little maintenance seems to be a trend. Even if you haven’t babied your truck, like mtnman.

“Mine has 198k and it’s still going strong! I replaced the front and back u-joints when I first bought it. All highway when I got it 5 years ago. Some very stupid off-road miles have been put on it since I bought it, but mostly highway. Replaced the plugs and wires last year, and now I’m having to get a bolt replaced on the manifold, but it’s been one heck of a truck. When ever this one dies, I’m getting another F-150, no doubt about it.”

Ford F-150

MrLomax is also part of the 300k-mile club, and his truck is running so good he can’t justify upgrading.

“I’m now at 316,824 miles. I had a bit of hesitation and sputtering recently so I changed out all the plugs and coil packs. Now it’s like I have a brand new truck. The guy at the dealership is gonna be pissed because I test drove an F-250. But now that I’m back in love with my ‘boy,’ I probably won’t upgrade. I just can’t have two trucks.”

From the looks of things, the F-150 300k-mile club is getting pretty large here at F-150 Online. But we’re always on the lookout for more members! So head over here and tell us if your truck has surpassed that magical mark, and what sort of maintenance (if any) you’ve had to perform to keep it running properly. And if you aren’t already an F-150 Online member, head over here to join this awesome community!

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