Ford Truck Owner Gives F-150 an Unorthodox but Clever Use!

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Because real go-getters get the job done one way or another, ingenuity and a lovely Ford F-150 can go a really long way.

Ford truck owners are, for the most part, clever and handy folks. Despite many F-150 pickups fulfilling daily chores like school and grocery store runs, they’re still being put to good use by many truck owners. By good use we don’t necessarily mean throwing a few things in the bed or towing the weekend boat — we mean something much more unique!

This video comes to us courtesy of Kapper Outdoors, and despite it not being a truck-centric video, the use that this owner gives to his late-model Ford F-150 leaves us speechless. The video begins as the host explains his current project, which involves creating a manmade lake/pond as well as a dock for him to fish from.


After digging the area out, prepping it, and most likely putting a ton of hours into developing the land in general, he’s tasked with properly setting up his dock. This, of course, is no easy task without any additional assistance — or a ladder. Well, technically he does have a ladder, but he’s using it to hold the dock upright so he must get clever.

Well, clever he got, because as the scene changes the host can be seen utilizing his 2014-2017 Ford F-150 as a platform! He’s quickly hammering away the anchor posts to his dock while standing on the side of the bed of his F-150. If you can’t grasp just how clever this is, you can see that specific moment here.

If this isn’t ingenuity, then we don’t know what is!

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