Heavy Metal History: Ford F-150 Nite, Lightning’s Predecessor

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Ford F-150 Nite

Everyone Knows About the Lightning. But Did You Know the Ford F-150 Nite Set the Stage for the Iconic Performance Truck?

The Ford Lighting set the performance-truck world on fire when it debuted in 1993. Combining a tuned chassis and big brakes with a more powerful engine was a recipe for success. And even though they didn’t exactly set sales records, the Lightning brought people into showrooms with open wallets.

But what if we told you that a monochrome F-150 with a sport-suspension already existed before the Lighting? It’s called the Ford F-150 Nite. It didn’t come with any sort of power upgrades, but it did lay the groundwork for one that did. Available only in 1991 and 1992, the Nite package could be had on the Bronco as well!

Ford F-150 Nite

So what did you get for your money? The F-150 Nite featured Raven Black paint and colorful side stripes. You also received forged aluminum wheels and white-lettered tires. The interior choices consisted of Scarlet Red, Dark Charcoal or Crystal Blue. Plain. Simple. Cool.

You also received “Nite” floor mats and badges inside the cabin. Offered only as a regular cab in 1991, the following year saw an available extended cab option as well. Buyers could opt for two or four-wheel drive, and engine choices consisted of the 302 or 351 Ford motors.

Ford F-150 Nite

The Ford F-150 Nite remains relatively rare today, but they usually sell for reasonable prices. The package was and is a nice looking addition to the trucks, and it set the stage for the Lightning that was to come. That alone makes this a historically significant truck that deserves more credit.

Needless to say, the Bronco Nite remains an even more rare beast! It seems like not a whole lot of people opted for such edgy package back in those days. If you have one or have seen one, consider yourself lucky!

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