Ford F-150 Is the Military’s Vehicle of Choice

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Ford F-150

USAA survey finds that the Ford F-150 is the best-selling vehicle among all five branches of the U.S. Armed Forces.

It’s not exactly proprietary information that the Ford F-150 is America’s most popular vehicle. So the fact that our favorite truck is also the best-selling vehicle among U.S. military members probably shouldn’t come as a shock, either. But it is, of course, a nice little feather in the Ford F-150’s already feather filled cap.

The news comes to us from USAA, a company that provides a number of financial services to current and former servicemen and servicewomen. They discovered this not-so-shocking fact after conducting a recent survey. Also unsurprisingly, they found that the Ford F-150 is the best-selling vehicle in all five branches of the military. A veritable clean sweep, if you will.

Ford F-150

So while Army and Marine folks might have their differences, they do share the same taste in transportation at least. And we must say, our nation’s heroes have impeccable taste. In case you’re interested, those “other” brands of trucks, the Chevy Silverado and Dodge Ram, came in second and third, respectively. Which is exactly how things fall in overall U.S. vehicle sales.

The Army and Marines fall right in step with those rankings. But the Coast Guard prefers the Jeep Wrangler at number two. The Navy and Air Force are a little less enamored with trucks, preferring the Honda Civic and Accord at numbers two and three. Those two sedans came in at fourth and fifth overall. So if you’re a soldier, feel free to rail on your fellow sailor or airman next time you see them.

Ford F-150

OK, so this isn’t exactly the most (or even slightly) shocking survey result we’ve ever seen. In fact, it’s probably the most predictable one of all-time. But it is good to know that those who serve our nation have just as good a taste in trucks as the rest of us!

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