Ford F-150 Becomes the Meat in a Semi-Truck Sandwich

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Thanks to the incredible strength and safety aspects of the iconic Ford F-150, everyone walked away.

We’ve said before, and we’ll never grow tired of repeating it — safety is paramount. Above horsepower, tow ratings, styling, and tech features, vehicles have to be safe. Because being able to tow 30,000 pounds is sort of irrelevant if you’re dead.

This amazing story shared by the Daily Chronicle serves as rock-solid proof of the Ford F-150’s reputation. The combination of an aluminum body, a high-strength steel frame, and other cutting-edge safety features such as airbags and crumple zones make the F-150 the safest truck in the market. Yes, this may not be a current-generation truck, but it’s fair to say the brutality of the impact wouldn’t have been any different.


In this specific scenario, the F-150 found itself stopped behind one of the semis when the second one arrived on the scene and failed to stop. As a result, the Ford truck became an accordion-like piece of meat in a semi-truck sandwich. Much to the disbelief of first responders, both occupants in the Ford truck walked away with minor injuries.

The Dekalb, Illinois police department was responsible for examining the scene of the crash and was shocked at the findings. So was passerby Stephanie Clucas, who told reporters “It was a miracle they were even able to walk.” “I would hope that if something like that happened to me, someone would stop.”


Not long ago we shared another amazing story with you, where six Utah teenagers survived a terrifying rollover accident on their way to prom. Again, the outcome of these stories proves why the F-150 is still the best truck for hardcore truckers and families alike.

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