F-150 Kicks Some Sand in Your Face (Video)

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Ford F-150 Takes On the Desert, Jumping Dunes and Looking Cool in the Heat

There’s something good about every area whether it’s the forest or mountains. The forest has animals and plant life. The plains are good for growing crops. Mountains make the landscape more beautiful. And then there’s the desert. Very few things can grow there and very few animals call it home. But while this seems to be largely negative, there is something outstanding about the desert: It’s the best place to jump trucks!

In today’s “Hump Day Jump” video, a truck is doing just that. The rig is a Ford F-150, and it seems to be enjoying the large, barren desert. With endless space to open up the throttle, and inviting dunes to jump, what could possibly be better? In the clip, the F-150 jumps one of the dunes and goes soaring, kicking up dust as it flies! Overall, we’d say that it was one badass performance!

Check out the video below and see the featĀ for yourself!

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