Ford Trucks & Racetracks Are What This F-150 Owner Is All About

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As the owner of a vintage F-150 and National Hot Rod Diesel Association trophy girl, Kait Paine ranks high on the “cool enthusiasts” list.

Ford truck owners come from multiple walks of life and in all colors, shapes, and sizes. In fact, one of the things that make the Ford Truck Enthusiasts community so amazing is its diversity. Whether it’s the lowrider trucks from SoCal, lifted ranch trucks from Texas, and even the Ranger and Lobo from Australia and Mexico — the Ford truck community is alive and thriving!

We often venture into every corner of the web and social media in search for cool Ford trucks to feature, and we’re rarely disappointed. As a result, we recently came across this Instagram account by the name of @perfectpaine, and it fit the bill for the perfect FTE social media spotlight!

From what we’re able to gather @perfectpaine’s real name is Kait Paine, and she’s as big of a car and truck enthusiast as they get. We were initially charmed by her love affair with her 1978 Ford F-150 Dentside, but the more we looked through her photos the more we realized she’s not only about cool trucks.

Aside from her sweet vintage truck, Kait owns a twin-turbocharged BMW 335i which is modified for autocross and track day events she participates in. In addition, Kait has an awesome job as a National Hot Rod Diesel Association (NHRDA) trophy girl — which lets us know that she’s used to being in the spotlight. After all, her Instagram page does have over 35,000 followers.

While we’re pretty big fans of Kait’s adventures, we can’t help but stare at her lovely F-150. We totally dig that aside from the beefy BF Goodrich tires, the rest of the truck looks untouched. Needless to say, it’s a sweet-looking ride!

Enjoy her photos and don’t forget to double-tap to like!

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