Ford F-150 Has Best November Sales Month Ever!

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2015 Ford F-150

As Taylor Swift would say, the haters are going to hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. And there are a lot of F-150 haters out there. There are even more after Ford’s monumental decision to start producing the bodies of their F-150s out of aluminum instead of steel. But, Ford has a way of proving the haters wrong, and this past November was one of those moments.

Ford F-Series overall had the best November in 8 years. That’s a 10% gain, which is great by anyone’s standards when you’re already the sales leader. But it gets better for the F-150 fans.

According to Ford’s Mike Levine, the F-150 had its best ever in November. So even though production wasn’t fully online at the beginning of the year, Ford was able to get the job done and had the capacity to move some serious amounts of metal in November.

Ford doesn’t report publicly F-150 sales separate of F-Series total, but it’s still a good sign of the F-150’s success that the brand overall is up and that F-150s are getting into the hands of consumers.

Year-end numbers are next, and from the looks of things F-Series will retain its sales crown!

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via [Ford / Mike Levine]

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