Ford F-150 Glass Spontaneously Shatters…a Few Claim

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Ford F-150

Some 2010-2017 F-150 owners report that their windshields are shattering without impact. Is this an isolated problem, or cause for concern?

Recalls and technical service bulletins are nothing new these days, affecting all makes and models. But if this latest reported “issue” regarding the Ford F-150 proves true, it’ll easily rank as one of the more unusual of the bunch. A handful of folks are reporting that either the front or rear windows on their Ford F-150s are spontaneously shattering, with no impact.

We first heard about the alleged problem from 2016 Ford F-150 owner Patricia Jones, who told ABC 13 News of Houston, Texas, that her rear window suddenly exploded while on her way to school. “All of a sudden we heard a big bang and the glass shattered and we stopped,” Jones explained. “[I] got out to look to see if anything had hit us and nothing. There (are) no marks, no anything, just shattered glass.”

Ford F-150

It’s easy to assume that something could have impacted the rear window without Jones noticing. But she also claims that there was a distinct smell of burning electronics after the incident. However, both Jones’ local dealer and Ford claimed there was evidence of an impact. And the dealership told ABC 13 that they do not believe that the rear window spontaneously exploded.


‘Safety is our top priority. Ford monitors a variety of data and when the data indicates a recall is needed, we respond quickly on behalf of our customers.’


As the news outlet points out, there are a handful of similar complaints on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website. And with a little searching, we were able to find a few similar incidents for both rear windows and front windshields dating back to 2010.

Ford F-150

One report claims that a 2015 Ford F-150 windshield shattered while driving down a freeway. The claim states that a glass repair shop was unable to find any evidence of impact or excessive stress. They also note other fractures associated with “aluminum body Ford trucks” and cite “soundproofing material inside the windshield” as a possible cause.

When asked about the claims, Ford issued a statement to ABC 13. “We have not issued a recall for this concern. Safety is our top priority. Ford monitors a variety of data and when the data indicates a recall is needed, we respond quickly on behalf of our customers.”

It’d be easy to dismiss Jone’s claim if there weren’t several other, similar reports out there. But there could very well be an issue, albeit not one that’s terribly widespread. Whether or not this issue eventually leads to a TSB or recall remains to be seen. But we’re guessing it won’t be the last we hear about it.

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