1973 Ford F-150 Is the Ideal Dentside

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1973 Ford Ranger

America’s favorite generation of America’s favorite truck has all the right stuff!

There’s no question that the Ford F-150 is the greatest singular truck model of all time. What began back in the ’40s with the F1 quickly evolved into the amazing machine we know today. Which just happens to be, by far and away, the most popular pickup in America. But toss aside all preconceived notions, and most Ford fans will tell your their favorite iteration of the F-Series is the beloved “dentside.” Which, in layman’s terms, refers to the sixth generation (1973-1979) models.

So, what makes these trucks the favorites, you say? Well, for starters, most people love the tough, boxy look. Not to mention their tough, reliable nature. With beefy frames and a variety of torquey powertrains, these trucks could go just about anywhere and haul just about anything. And they’ll do it for a long, long time.

1973 Ford Ranger

For fans of the iconic dentside F-150, finding a short bed, four-wheel drive model is somewhat difficult, however. Most truck fans in the ’70s preferred long beds for utility, and four-wheel drive wasn’t nearly as popular as it is now. All of which makes this stellar 1973 Ford F-150, which we spotted at the Leake Auctions site, even more special.

1973 Ford Ranger

Rust was also a big problem during this time frame, but you won’t find any here. This Ranger-trimmed F-150 even has a powder-coated frame and undercarriage to help resist future corrosion. The aftermarket wheels and tires help accentuate its stance, though it appears that someone has swapped the grille for a ’78-’79.

1973 Ford Ranger

Everything else is right too, from the 400 under the hood to the 4-speed manual transmission and immaculate interior. It’s pretty much everything you’d want in a dentside F-150, and nothing you don’t. And it gives you a pretty good idea of why most people prefer this iteration of America’s most popular truck!

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