Ford F-150 Carries the Load on a Pumpkin Farm

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Ford F-150 brings happiness to Halloween fans, hauling some of the world’s biggest pumpkins.

Halloween is quickly approaching, and that means that many people around the United States are heading to their local farmers market to pick up pumpkins that will be transformed into jack-o-lanterns. Most people buy pumpkins that can be packed into a box and loaded into the trunk of a car, but other people go for the biggest pumpkins possible. In many cases, these giant pumpkins are grown by farmers who focus on growing the biggest pumpkins possible, and the unique Ford F-150 commercial above, from the Hills Ford YouTube channel, tells us the story of one of those farmers.

Giant Pumpkins

This unconventional commercial from 2014 is for a Ford F-150, and it features pumpkin farmer John Harnica of Harnica Kids Pumpkin Farm. Harnica explains that growing a gigantic pumpkin requires special seeds, a ton of work, just as much knowledge, a whole lot of luck and some help from Mother Nature. When everything goes well, the result is a massive pumpkin like the one shown in the images here.

Ford F-150 and a Giant Pumpkin on the Ground

This pumpkin from Harnica’s farm weighs a whopping 1,200 pounds, having been planted in late April and growing for about six months when it was harvested. Of course, harvesting a pumpkin this big requires some special equipment, such as a tractor and some tow straps for a car to move the half-ton pumpkin. Getting these huge pumpkins to market also requires a special truck and that is where the Ford F-150 comes into play.

F-150 Taking a Pumpkin

Hauling the Pumpkin

Harnica explains that one of his favorite parts about growing giant pumpkins is hauling them to the final destination in his Ford F-150. Along the route, people ride alongside to get pictures and give him thumbs up for the results of his farming prowess.

F-150 with a Big Pumpkin

He doesn’t go into any detail as to where this Ford F-150 hauled the 1,200-pound pumpkin, but the odds are good that this huge orange fruit made someone’s Halloween very special.

F-150 Carrying a Pumpkin

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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