Ford F-150 Takes on World’s Most Treacherous Mud Bog!

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F-150 truck does its best to finish race, but the thick, deep mud threatens to muck up those plans.

This week’s “Muddy Monday” video comes to us from the Rockwell Offroad YouTube channel and it features a tenth generation Ford F-150 participating in the Pine Grove Mud Racing action earlier this year in Bon Wier, Texas. In most cases, the objective in a mud race is to get across the pit as quickly as possible, but the mud bog is so treacherous that it is a challenge to just finish the race.

In the case of the white Ford truck shown here, the mud is too deep and the challenge it too great, leaving the F-150 stuck in the slop on both runs.

White Ford F-150 Mud Racer Front

The Machine

There are no details provided on this Ford truck, but the body appears to be from a tenth generation F-150. It may also have the frame and interior of a 1997 through 2004 half-ton, but it is clear that the chassis and suspension have been heavily modified to add ground clearance and to make plenty of room for the huge tractor tires. As for the engine, it is definitely much healthier-sounding than any stock engine from that era, but we don’t know if this truck has a modified original engine or something completely different.

White Ford F-150 Mud Racer Side

In any case, this F-150 looks like a formidable foe for your average mud bog race, but this isn’t your average mud bog when it comes to racing.

Mud Racing

In most cases, mud racing is done in a bog that is relatively shallow, as the objective is to see who gets to the other side in the shortest amount of time. However, the Pine Grove Mud Racing course is deep with thick, wet mud, making for a relatively unfriendly racing venue.

However, the big white Ford took its shot. After having the tow rope connected, the driver begins his run, blasting out across the slop with dirt kicking high into the air. Everything looks to be going smoothly until the F-150 hits the deepest, thickest mud, at which point it immediately grinds a halt. The driver doesn’t even bother trying to dig out, instead waiting for the bulldozer to drag his truck to dry land.

White Ford F-150 Mud Racer Stuck

At the end of the video, the F-150 makes another run in the dark, but on that second pass, the Ford doesn’t appear to make it as far as it had on the first run.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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