Ford F-150 Build Puts the ‘Sport’ Back in ‘Sport Truck’

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Ford F-150

The sport truck trend came in like a meteor and fizzled out just as fast. But at least one guy is working to keep it alive.

Back in the ’80s and ’90s, the sport truck ruled the world of custom pickups. Everybody wanted a low-slung, uniquely styled ride they could show off everywhere they went. And while the mini trucking world focused solely on showing off, the Ford F-150 came in a variety of configurations every bit as fast as they were good looking. Sadly, the sport truck trend died years ago. But 2016BoostedGreyGoose is keeping it alive over at our brother site F-150 Forum with his killer 2016 Ford F-150 build. And clearly, he isn’t too concerned about what other people think about it.

“My build isn’t for everyone and I respect that. It goes against the grain and yet doesn’t apologize for it. My build is all about building a lowered, tuned, sport truck with lots of unique features that were crafted by me. I bought this truck not for its capabilities, but rather its sexy appeal and what I saw as a potential to make it into my vision of how I feel it should it have come as a ‘sport’ truck.”

Obviously, we were digging this thing before the build even started just over a year ago. But watching it slowly come to life was an even bigger treat. Plus, we’re loving the fact that the OP wasn’t just on a mission to build another wild, overbearing show truck.

“Goal: Build a lowered, high performance street truck with visuals to match. Using modifications that are mostly OEM.”

The build started modestly, with nothing more than a plain old XLT Sport.

Ford F-150

The first order of business was removing the factory decals, tinting the windows, and swapping in LED taillights. The OP even went to the trouble of installing an FCIM from a Lariat so he could have fancier visuals in the dash. But you could easily say that the biggest difference maker came from a set of powdercoated 24×10 Dub Shot Calla wheels. The OP then went through multiple drop kits before settling on some Belltech pieces.

After that, the parts just kept rolling in. There’s the Limited grille, 3-inch ceramic coated Y-pipes, bigger turbos for the Ecoboost, you name it. We can’t even begin to scratch the surface with how many different parts the OP has installed on his Ford F-150. Not even close. This is quite simply one of the most passionate and specific builds we’ve ever seen, and it deserves to be witnessed in its entirety.

Ford F-150

And you can do just that, of course, by perusing the entire build thread, located here!

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