Ford F-150 or a Ford Ambulance: Who Would Win in a Fight?

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Ambulance company puts Fords in an epic battle to see if the life-saving tools we use after a crash can actually survive a crash.

It’s one of those weird things we find ourselves wondering, usually at five in the morning as we stand in the shower barely conscious, but just how safe is an ambulance? We spend so much time focusing on new safety technology and crash ratings and airbag regulations for normal cars. Do we do that with ambulances? This is a machine designed to save lives, and to transport the sick and wounded to a place of care, but we’ve never seen any data on how it will handle a crash.

Turns out, like so many things in life, the proper answer is little more than a YouTube search away. Braun Ambulances understands that people like us might be concerned about ambulance safety, so they provide some nice demonstration videos. Take this side-impact crash video for instance. Braun heads out to a standard outdoor crash-test facility, parks one of their Ford-based ambulances on the test track, and then proceeds to slam an F-150 directly into the side of it at speed.

Besides the unfortunate Ford-on-Ford violence, the video is a beautiful thing to watch. A perfectly timed slow-motion cut allows us to watch as the silver F-150 crumples dramatically, like an empty beer can in a crusher. The damage is immense, and there is so much force that it bounces the ambulance almost entirely out of frame.


Ford may make some of the best trucks on the market, but it turns out that not even the mighty F-150 can hurt a Ford ambulance.


It is at this point that we realize that Braun Ambulances are actually made from granite, moon rocks, and black magic. The amount of damage sustained by the ambulance is so minimal it defies the laws of physics. The side door is slightly deformed and there is a substantial dent in the side of the wall, but that’s about it. Even the tires are fine. We’ve legitimately seen more damage done to a car by a rogue wheelbarrow full of manure. It’s a long story, don’t ask.

But now you know. Ford may make some of the best trucks on the market, but it turns out that not even the mighty F-150 can hurt a Ford ambulance. It also means that if you ever find yourself in the unfortunate position of being strapped down to a gurney and staring at some EMTs, you know that not even a speeding pickup truck can stop you from getting to the hospital.


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