Ford F-150 360° Camera Helps You Avoid the Fear of What You Can’t See

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You just spent a chunk of money to get one of the new Ford F-150 pickup trucks, and you want to protect you new baby for the spooky terrors of the road, such as curbs, lamp posts, and zombies. Thankfully, you have the 360° camera system so you can see what’s coming. In a video titled “Terror Road,” Ford humorously shows off the camera system in a way that also celebrates this week’s Halloween.

Zombies, at least the non-World War Z zombies, don’t walk fast. We’ll just call the slow-walking ones “real zombies.” But I digress. The video shows a scary looking zombie trying to get into a new Ford F-150, but just as it arrives at the door, the truck moves forward.

terror road f-150 ford halloween

As it turns out, it’s zombie friends are in the truck using the 360° camera to see it approach and drive away at the right time. Finally, the window rolls down to show the other beasts in the truck laughing at their silly prank.

It’s cute. It’s funny. It’s clever. It’s a fun way to get into the Halloween spirit. Happy Halloween, everybody!

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via [Ford Canada]

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