Fantastic Ford F-100 with Perfect Patina Goes Drifitng

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I have a hidden pleasure that is seeing older and rusty cars being modified and being beaten on in competition. I want to see things like the Icon Derelict cars, but on a track in wheel to wheel action. Last weekend at a special drift event to raise money for charity, I got all excited when I saw a Ford F-100 pull up. It was perfectly rusted and used with dents in the right places, and of course it was fully prepped for duty.


I wasn’t able to get details about what is under the hood, but seeing that huge aluminum radiator, aftermarket wheels, and the gutted bed fitted with nothing but a fuel cell, I think we can assume it’s a race-prepped motor. Sounded like a big V8, and based on the speeds and angle of the slides, it has to be fuel injected. The interior has been fitted with racing buckets and full harnesses.

With lots of power and very little weight over the rear end, it wasn’t hard for the truck to get sideways and it put on a great event. I managed a few shots of this beast as it rolled up to the start line, but I have to send a big thanks out to Josh McCoig Photography for getting all of the awesome action shots, and allowing us to use them on the site.

Now look through these photos and suck in this total awesomeness.

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