Ford F-100 Packs a Bottled Big Block: Tire Smokin’ Tuesday

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This nitrous injected, big block Ford F-100 hits the track and destroys some tires.

This week’s “Tire Smokin’ Tuesday” video comes to us from the YouTube channel of SpeedRun and it features a 5th generation Ford F-Series pickup that appears to be a 1967 F-100 (not an F-150) model flexing its big block muscles at the Nulon Nationals Round 4 in Australia. We are not familiar with the Nulon Nationals, but based on the information online, it seems to be an automotive festival with a variety of high performance events, including drag racing and a terrific Aussie burnout competition.

The details on this 1967 Ford F-100 are short, but we know that it has a well-built Ford big block V8 and that monster motor has been fitted with a nitrous setup, lifting the output up over the 500hp mark.

1967 Ford F-100

The video begins with a close-up look at this classic Ford half-ton as the team prepares the truck for a run down the drag strip. Next, we get to view that drag strip run from inside the F-100 as it seems to have some transmission issues, but the racing really isn’t the point of the video.

Time for the Burnout

Around the one-minute mark, this old school F-100 takes to the burnout area to destroy some tires in fine Aussie fashion. For those who might be unfamiliar with Australian burnout competitions, they are unlike the average burnout competition in the United States. Rather than sitting in place and spinning the tires for 30 seconds, Aussie burnout competitions take place in a big, open area where the drivers are free to toss the vehicles around a bit. And while most entrants are muscle cars, the owner of this slick 1967 Ford F-100 does a great job of representing the high performance pickups.

The final minute of this video is by far the most exciting, with the driver of this big block F-100 taking advantage of the lack of rear-end weight to roast the rear tires. At times, the smoke is so thick that we lose sight of the truck, but the roar of the big V8 and the continuously growing cloud of smoke is a clear indication that the F-100 is still slaying the tires.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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