Another Iconic Ford F-100 Build From Big Oak Garage

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Not all rebuilds, restorations, or resto-mods are created equal. Far from it. Saying that a handful of shops can deliver the same product or the same quality is as impossible as buying the same diamond from two different jewelers. While there are quite a few top-notch shops that are able to deliver first-grade restorations, I believe that every single one of them would deliver a different version of the same original product, even if the patron asked for the same work to be performed. It’s a matter of identity.

big oak

Big Oak Garage in Hokes Bluff, Alabama is one o those top-notch shops located in this great country. Family-owned from today one, this shop has produced endless award-winning machines, and even more magazine-featured vehicles. While every project differs from past ones and certainly from future ones, Big Oak’s signature trait is quality. As proof, take this 1965 Ford F-100 featured here.

This red 1965 Ford F-100 pickup truck was originally purchased by a service station as a business vehicle, and throughout the years it made its way to one of Big Oak’s employees. Jimmy, one of the owners simply had to have it, and traded a 1939 Mercury sedan for the F-100, and that’s how this story began.

big oak

After making the decision that the original paint and few exterior bits were just too rich in style to be repainted or removed, the project was focused around the underpinnings and performance components of the truck. A beefy 1970 Lincoln 460 big-block motor was dropped under the hood, and paired to a 1977 Ford five-speed transmission. The entire package puts its power down via BFGoodrich Silvertown Radial Nitto 285/70R15 tires via 15 x 10 rear wheels.

Sometimes bringing a vehicle back to life doesn’t mean to completely redo it, but to simply improve the bits that need improvement and leave the rest completely alone.


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