Ford F-100 Across Canada Premieres Aug. 13 on FTE

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Ford F-100 Across Canada

A pair of FTE forum members make epic trek across Canada to bring a Ford icon home! Check out their notes from the road beginning Aug. 13.

Don’t miss Ford Truck Enthusiasts’ exciting new road-trip blog-series, Ford F-100 Across Canada, premiering Aug. 13 only on! Follow British Columbia-based FTE forum members David Morton and Don Giroux — aka David + Don in the forums — as they drive a 1968 Ford F-100, “a cool old truck with a good history,” across the Great White North, racking up countless unforgettable adventures along the way.

“The Ford F-100 was actually assembled in Ontario, at the Oakville Plant, and then it was shipped out here 50 years ago,” says David. “So, we’re kind of bringing it home.”

“I’m not really a truck guy,” he adds. “I’m a car guy. I like cars, but this truck, I mean I just saw it and thought it’s a beautiful thing, a pure-outlaw machine.”

Not bad for a $1,000 investment in a vintage vehicle that spent most of its life doing heavy-duty chores on a Canadian farm near the U.S. border.

Ford F-100 Across Canada

“What I want to do is meet up with people from the Ford Truck Enthusiasts and F-150 Online forums, and people with old trucks, and let’s talk about trucks,” continues David. “I’m new to trucks. So, any information is a huge help, because I think, by the end of this drive, we’re really gonna know this truck.”

With its majestic mountain backdrop, gorgeous blue sky, and lush greenery, Canada makes for a memorable road trip any time of the year. And when David and Don hit the road, they are sure to include in their FTE travelogue –blog countless stories, photos and video of the country’s stunning natural beauty while also introducing us to some of its most devoted Ford truck enthusiasts.

Don’t miss Ford Truck Enthusiasts’ new weekly blog series, Ford F-100 Across Canada, with a new travelogue beginning Aug. 13 and continuing every Monday through September only on You may just be inspired to load up your Ford truck and chart your own epic adventure!

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