Ford F-100 Across Canada, Part 4: Buying an Old Ford Is a Great Idea

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Ford Truck Enthusiasts - Ford F-100 Across Canada

Investing in a vintage F-Series truck is a solid economical choice. Here’s why…

Now that we’ve covered Calgary to Moosomin, and Osoyoos to Calgary before that, we finally have a few moments to unwind and reflect. Let’s say you buy an old truck from between 1970 and 1980, in decent shape. For now, let’s pretend its has no major problems. You buy that truck for $2,500. It needs $2,500 worth of work to replace parts that are old or hindering performance. You’re now $5,000 in. Add $1,000 for random fixes in the first 6,000 or so miles and you’re soon at $6,000 for your first year of ownership. At the end of it you have a reliable daily driver that needs maybe $800 a year in maintenance. Ten years of ownership equals approximately $14,000.

A brand-new truck, even if you never had to fix anything on it, would be at more than double the cost of enjoying a cool old truck over 10 years. Plus, the money you trickle into your older truck over time stays in your hands until a repair needs to be done. And, when push comes to shove you’ll be surprised by what you can do yourself if money ever gets tight. We found a guy in Dryden, Ontario, who had a lot full of old trucks that he would sell “as is,” or he’d offer to fix up one for you. It was a great place to visit. He even had an old Bronco Custom and a Ranger that looked like it was ready to go. He wouldn’t let us scavenge for parts so we took a quick look around and then hit the road.

Ford Truck Enthusiasts - Ford F-100 Across Canada

I begin crunching the numbers on the long straight drive in the prairies, and anyway I slice it, I am coming out ahead buying this truck verses a new one. Now, new Trucks and old trucks aren’t really comparable — they are like night and day. I mean, this thing feels more tractor than truck, which is great for me. But I don’t expect everyone to enjoy driving something like this 1968 Ford F-100 as much as I do. So, my advice is: If you’re thinking about buying a truck, take a look at the older models before you run off with your hard-earned money for something shiny and new.

Ford Truck Enthusiasts - Ford F-100 Across Canada

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