Ford Explorer Monster Truck? – Muddy Monday

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Because mudding and flying through the air is more fun with friends — the Explorer monster truck makes perfect sense.

The vast majority of the vehicles we feature on “Muddy Monday” are pickups. Because of that, this week’s featured vehicle is a rare Ford Explorer monster truck! Realistically, most of the Explorer featured in this video is aftermarket, but the body of a second-generation (1995-2001) Ford SUV remains, as well as the spacious rear seats. Even when modified it maintains its sports utility functionality!

There aren’t details on this monster truck video by Mudclips, but we can see that it has a massive suspension and chassis build, along with huge tractor tires. Also, it is clear from the roar of the engine that it’s powered by a modified V8, which allows the beast to soar through the air with ease.

Ford Explorer mega mud truck

Most of the video shows the SUV running through the mud until it switches to a slow-motion clip of the Explorer launching off a ramp and flying through the air! It bounces while coming down hard and continues to the deeper part of the mud pit, where it finishes off a great run with a hard dig.

This Ford mud truck does the off-road SUV community proud!

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