Ford Explorer Audio System: Upgrade on a Budget

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Your Ford Explorer audio system may be lacking. Explorer sound systems have never been prized as among the best in the industry. Although the standard set of speakers in any vehicle is decent enough, full grade and top of the line sound systems for any vehicle can run into the thousands of dollars in total cost. Installation and labor fees can add several hundred dollars more onto that. Still, if you’re operating on a budget, there are nonetheless a few good options that you have for increasing the power and the sound quality of the audio system in your Ford Explorer somewhat. The exact degree to which you’ll be able to improve the sound depends upon your budget. Read on for information on how to improve the sound system in your Ford Explorer for cheap.

Invest Wisely

Purchasing the best speakers available for your price range is a good idea, but keep in mind that there are a variety of different components of a sound system, and if you spend all of your budget on only one of those pieces, you’re unlikely to be able to use it most effectively. The head unit is perhaps the single most important feature of a Ford Explorer sound system. it controls all of the other components within the system. Invest in a good head unit and a good set of connectors from the head unit as well. This will protect your speakers and ensure that they are used to the best of their ability.

Shop Around for Aftermarket Parts

One of the best ways to enhance a sound system if you’re working on a budget is to go for aftermarket parts instead of brand new ones. Aftermarket parts are those that were already in use in a previous vehicle and which are subsequently being resold. Take the time to listen to the stereo system of a vehicle that is selling off parts and make sure that the quality of the sound is to your liking. Aftermarket parts tend to be significantly cheaper than new parts, allowing you to purchase higher quality components and speakers for the same price as new parts, or even less.

Bigger Does Not Always Mean Better

Some people make the mistake of assuming that the bigger the speaker, the better the quality of the sound. In reality, there are a variety of speakers of a number of different sizes and shapes, each of which is important to delivering a quality and well balanced audio experience in your Ford Explorer. Be sure to improve your speakers equally, meaning that you should upgrade all of the different types of speakers in your car rather than focus your attention on only one or two of them. Speak with a car audio expert for additional information about which types of speakers produce sounds at various frequencies.

Ask for Advice, but Trust Your Instincts

Research online and in person for more information about successful speaker and audio system configurations in vehicles similar to yours. An audio repair shop or custom audio store in your town can be a wealth of helpful information. Ultimately, however, the choice should be dependent upon your preference. Think about what you plan on using your audio system for, and match up the replacement components with your goals.By taking the time to thoroughly examine the options available to you, you stand a better chance of being able to improve your Ford Explorer audio system for a lower cost.

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