Ford Expedition or Tiny Home: Which Is the More Sensible Purchase?

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Ford Expedition

As tiny homes and overlanding continue to grow in popularity, we wonder which of the two makes the most financial sense.

Coming off a couple of decades of excess that culminated in a major recession and housing crisis, downsizing became the new hot trend. And you can’t really blame folks. Rising gas prices and negative equity forced us to trade our mega houses and trucks for smaller, more reasonable belongings. Until recently, that is. A strengthening economy and consistently low gas prices have driven us back to big trucks in throes. Which is why rides like the new Ford Expedition are selling faster than manufacturers can build them.

And yet, the tiny home trend is still going strong. To the point where even Ford has gotten involved. These minimalist dwellings can, in many cases, be had for the price of a new truck or SUV. And they’re often just as portable. We’re also starting to see more and more people jump on the overlanding bandwagon, all of which got us thinking. If you had the choice between, say, a new Ford Expedition or a tiny home, which would you prefer? Years from now, which of the two might be the better investment? And over time, which might provide a more affordable way of living?

Ford Expedition

On the surface, this might seem like an easy choice. But tiny home prices range considerably, starting out around $30k and going up as high as you’d like. Then there’s the issue of mobility. If you choose a home on wheels, how will you tow it? Will you pony up to rent a piece of land, or buy a lot outright? Or will you opt for a permanent home somewhere on or off the grid? These are all expenses that have to be considered, and potentially very large ones.

On the other hand, vehicles like the Ford Expedition are obviously easier to get around in. You’ll pay insurance and taxes on either, but have to fill up the SUV’s tank with gas. But unlike a tiny home, you’re much more mobile in the Ford Expedition. Plus, you can buy absolutely anything you need to turn your ‘ute into a literal mobile house. Showers, toilets, solar/propane setups, cooking gear, you name it.

Of course, homes are supposed to be appreciating assets, but we learned from the last recession that this isn’t always the case. Tiny homes also cater to a very limited audience, while trucks and SUVs like the Ford Expedition obviously have much broader appeal. So if you’ve landed on the latter choice, we wouldn’t blame you. And in fact, we’ve even come up with a list of the top five Ford trucks we’d choose over a tiny home, not including the Ford Expedition. You know, just in case you’re eyeing a more mobile, off-the grid kind of lifestyle!

Brett Foote is a longtime contributor to Internet Brands’ Auto sites, including Chevrolet Forum, Rennlist, and Ford Truck Enthusiasts, among other sites.

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