A One-Of-A-Kind Ford Excursion With a Manual Transmission!

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Ford never built an Excursion with a manual tranny, which makes this 2001 model a real gem.

Ford’s Excursion was, and is, a misunderstood vehicle. The onset of high gas prices and environmentalist backlash killed the giant SUV, even though it served a useful purpose for a lot of people. These days, if you want a massive, truck-based SUV with a diesel engine you’re simply out of luck.

That’s unless you turn to the used truck market, that is. We recently spotted this gem of a 2001 Excursion on eBay, and it checks every box imaginable! That includes diesel power courtesy of a 7.3 liter Power Stroke, and four-wheel drive. In addition, this 196,000 mile Excursion looks to have been babied its entire life.

The most interesting part of the truck is the transmission, as one of the three owners installed a 6-speed manual somewhere along the way. Ford never offered the Excursion with anything other than an automatic, so this is probably the only manual in the wild. More importantly, she’s a real looker! The Estate Green Metallic shines like new, and the (acres of) tan leather is in remarkable shape after all these years. The polished 16″ wheels are new, and a set of 2002 headlights were installed to give the SUV a more modern look.

If you want to give tree huggers the finger, this might be your ride. It’ll just be more of a challenge when you’re trying to steer and shift at the same time!

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