Excursion Driver Shows Us What Not to Do When Towing

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Whether your Ford truck has the latest towing gizmos or not, tried-and-true patience and refinement go a long way!

There are a couple of sayings that come mind while watching this scary video. Perhaps “Better safe than sorry,” or “Better late than never,” and even “Patience is a virtue” are some of the most relevant. While today’s trucks make towing trailers as easy as it can possibly be, a little bit of patience and driving manners still matter. But more importantly, one must know that having high-tech aids doesn’t mean accidents can’t happen.

This video by Ramathorn1985 is a perfect example of that. A semi-truck driver (carrying the dash cam) witnessed a ghastly scene when the driver of a Ford Excursion, which was towing a camper, decided to ignore all the basic rules of towing. The semi-truck was cruising down Interstate 82 in Washington State at the legal speed limit of 65 mph on a sweeping mountain road. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t enough for the Excursion behind him.


The Ford SUV driver aggressively pulls out from behind the semi and blows past it. Almost immediately the Excursion driver begins to lose control, with the camper swaying so bad it nearly strikes the big rig. A few seconds into the swaying, the Excursion finally loses any chance of keeping control and veers off the road and rolls multiple times in dramatic fashion.

Thankfully, the semi driver stopped to help the family and according to the video description, all occupants were okay! There’s no doubt about the Excursion’s toughness, as we recently reported on the rollover accident of one of our very own forum members. The driver’s jerky steering and excessive speed didn’t help, and weight management or hitch configuration could’ve also played a big role.

Remember folks, “Slow and steady wins the race.”

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