Ford Employees Joyride in Tennessee Trucker’s F-350 for 2 Weeks!

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This is a pretty messed up thing to do to a man’s pickup truck. Jeff Chambers of Hixon, Tennessee had to sue employees of a Ford dealership in Chattanooga in order to get his 2012 Ford F-350 back.

His $70,000 truck was towed there after breaking down back in December and Chambers claims that they kept his Ford for over two weeks and were joyriding around town instead of fixing it.

And he even has dashboard videos of the Marshal Mize Ford employees hooning around with his truck during that time!

The Chattanooga Times Free Press
 broke the story and reports that Chambers has recently settled with the Ford dealership.

“While they’re telling me they’re fixing it, they’re out driving my truck around every day,” Chambers told the newspaper.

But it gets worse. After he got his truck back it broke down yet again – only two weeks later and the same dealership refused to fix it.


“It broke down for the exact same thing they fixed it for, and by them refusing it, they’re denying me my right to my factory warranty, my extended warranty, and the work that they did,” he told The Chattanooga Times Free Press.

Chambers had to take it to another dealership for the repairs and has also filed a lawsuit against Ford because of multiple breakdowns related to his F-350. The case goes to court in May.

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It seems to be a problem everywhere. Check out this video of mechanics taking this man Ford Focus on a 118 mph joyride here. – Ed.

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