The Ford EcoSport is Here to Bite Your Ankles

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Have you ever wanted a jacked up, knobby tired, Raptor-ish Ford Fiesta? No, well, you’ve been missing out on the crazy pills that Ford has been giving out to its engineers lately.


A few weeks ago at the Sao Paulo Auto Show, Ford debuted its EcoSport Storm Concept. Now, the entire car isn’t exactly all new.


The EcoSport is actually a regular model that’s sold to the Brazilian market, and is basically a jacked up Fiesta with an optional 1.0L engine.

But, Ford’s engineers wanted to give the little CUV a bit more menace and decided to Raptorfy the entire car.

EcoSport Storm Show Car

All in all, it looks pretty sweet. Like a Fiesta with a steroid problem. What if they put the new RS AWD system into it? Or just go full WRC components? That would be epically fun.

Now if Ford would just build it and bring this to the States, we could all have some weird CUV fun!

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