Ford Econoline Monster Truck: Truckin’ Fast Wednesday

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Resembling a life-size Hot Wheels vehicle, this vintage Econoline monster truck smashes the status quo in style.

The Ford Econoline pickup was offered from 1961 through 1967. It was a modified version of the Ford Econoline van and featured a front-mid engine layout — in other words, it placed the engine between the front seats. These flat-faced Fords took part in the “wheelstander” craze of the 1960s, where racers shifted the engine to the back, allowing them to run blazing fast quarter-miles while doing wheelies.

This week’s “Truckin’ Fast Wednesday” features a sweet ’60s Ford Econoline pickup inspired by wheelstanders. But, this one is made to speed through the deep mud!


There aren’t any real details on this odd pickup, but it looks like the body has been narrowed, the chassis lengthened, and the stock inline-six has been replaced with a monster Ford V8. Once coupled with a heavy duty four-wheel drive system and a set of mud tires, the big V8 rockets this Ford Econoline pickup like a bat out of hell.

This clip by Urban Hillbilly Action Videos shows the “Home Brew” pickup making several runs through the muddy drag strip. Each time it flings slop high into the air as the truck dances across the surface of the pit! Take special note of the launch while in rear-view, as the Ford truck actually jumps off the ground due to the massive acceleration.


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