The Ford Econoline is Still Kicking Ass After Nearly 60 Years!

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Ah, the legendary Ford Econoline. Perhaps you have some fond memories of this van from your childhood, maybe you lived out of one of these when you got laid off from your first solid job, or perhaps you were in the back of one of these when you lost your v…. uh, never mind.

You get where I’m going, right? Whether it’s been for shuttle vans, cargo vans, or even for personal use, the Ford Econoline has been kicking ass since it debuted as a 1961 model. What’ll shock you the most is that the van’s simple approach has remain unchanged since its inception, and its cab structure has carried on since 1975! Talk about sticking to the principle of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

While the Transit is Ford’s golden child right now with a realistic target of over 100,000 units sold this year, the Econoline is currently on par with its sales figures from last year, meaning that demand for this work horse isn’t increasing, but most importantly— isn’t diminishing either. That’s something that Ford hasn’t overlooked, which is why they’ve predicted the Econoline or E-Series nameplate to stick around until 2021, which by that time will be over 60 years old.

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