Revamped Ford E-350 Ambulance Travels the World!

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Dubbed “El Salvador,” this Ford E-350 ambulance shows what love, a bit of imagination, and a whole lot of guts can do!

Traveling is one of the most impactful things people can do in their lives. Whether it’s domestic or international, there are many lessons to be learned outside of our geographical comfort zones. Ian Dow, known on Instagram as @vanlife_ian_dow_travels knows a thing or two about traveling, getting dumped, and the Ford E-350 Econoline.

The incredible overland machine you see here is, as it’s quite easy to tell, an ambulance. What once served to transport injured folks, now serves as a badass exploratory machine. According to an interview with Daily Mail, after being dumped by his fiance, and due to the high cost of living in Newport Beach, California, he looked for cheaper alternatives. That alternative showed up in the form of a retired 1994 Ford E-350 Ambulance on eBay.

After having a nasty collision on his motorcycle, he claims he “had an epiphany while laying in the mud,” and that’s where the journey truly began. This 1994 E-350 was originally equipped with a 7.3L V8 diesel engine from the factory, and the ambulance version had the ignition, electrical and suspension systems beefed up for heavy-duty work.


After looking at several photos of the build, we can deduct that with patience, love, and much ingenuity, the ambulance was little-by-little turned into a well-equipped trans-American traveling machine. Just check out the interior! He’s accommodated a kitchen, a small bed which doubles as a bench, shelving system, and it even rocks wooden floors. For you home renovation fans, we’re not sure if they’re laminate or real wood, but it ultimately doesn’t matter.

According to his bio, Dow and “El Salvador” are currently in Costa Rica. A map posted as a photo depicts their journey from California, down to Baja California in Mexico, eventually crossing Mexico’s southern border into Nicaragua and then Costa Rica. By the looks of it, their way back home will consist of hitting Guatemala, the Yucatan Peninsula (probably Cancun), Mexico City, and back home to California, USA.


Let us be the first ones to say that we’re more than jealous of this adventure. Traversing the continent with our four-legged buddy, a cool motorcycle, and at the wheel of a Ford truck/van sounds incredible.

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