Ford Diesels Doing What They Do Best (Video)

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Festive and feisty Ford diesel trucks take turns acting like social deviants in this amazing compilation clip!

The booming success of modern Ford diesels is, quite simply, undeniable. These days, we’ve got trucks capable of pulling just about anything in supreme comfort, all while returning rock-solid reliability, prodigious power, and decent fuel economy. Yes, diesel-powered Fords have become perhaps the most well-rounded vehicles on the planet, capable of doing just about everything well. Except maybe fitting in those tiny compact-car parking spots.

In this clip from Diesel Truck Authority, we get to see plenty of Ford diesels doing what they do best: rolling coal, slinging mud, and generally acting like a bunch of miscreants. From old school to new school, it’s chock full of Powerstroke goodness you’ll definitely want to check out.

Of course, there are plenty of “other” brands here as well. But as is typical, many of them fail miserably at their attempted hooning. Like the Ram dually that hilariously can’t get up a snowy hill. Or the box Chevy that makes a pretty sad and exceedingly cautious attempt at cutting some snowy donuts.

On the other hand, we get to see a new Super Duty expertly sling some mud, including all over the person filming the hoonage!

But the best clip by far depicts a skilled truck enthusiast captaining a flatbed Super Duty in an icy parking lot and making snow donuts with a Christmas tree and a nervous-looking snowman loaded up out back. Quite honestly, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate the holidays and close out the year. After all, what’s more festive and distinctly American than big Ford diesels acting like total social deviants? In our humble opinion, nothing!

Happy 2018!

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