Ford Develops Way to Keep Spiders from Nesting in Vehicles

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Ford Spider Screen

We are never more than a few feet away from a spider at any given time. For some of you, that’s a scary thought. It’s extra scary for the engineers who design and build vehicles because there are many places inside a vehicle that a spider would like to set up shop. We’ve even seen recalls in the past related to possible spider problems in cars.

Ford’s spidermen: A team of Ford engineers developed an innovative spider screen to keep the creepy crawlers from nesting in Ford vehicles. From left: Aram Sahota, William Euliss, David Gimby.

Now Ford has developed a new piece of technology to help protect the precious fuel vapor lines inside the car. It’s a type of screen, and it helps keep the arachnids out while still letting the vapor through. Ford is using a variation of the technology now, but it’ll go global with the launch of the Ford Focus RS.

“2015 Ford Focus RS: Now With Less Spiders!”

A team of Ford engineers, including (from left) David Gimby, Arman Sahota, and William Euliss, developed an innovative spider screen to keep spiders from nesting in Ford vehicles, like the new Ford Focus. The spider screen feature will go global with launch of the all-new 2016 Ford Focus RS next year.

We sometimes forget that our vehicles are often exposed to the outside world and the elements, and that nice, warm vehicles can provide comfort for animals, insects, and other forms of life. With the development of the spider screen technology, Ford is hoping to make the trouble that spiders cause a thing of the past, which can help with the overall, long-term reliability of the vehicle.

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