Ford Not Threatened by Uber, Promises More Options, Says CEO

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Leveraging the strength and sales success of Ford F-Series will be key as new vehicles emerge in the product pipeline.

As technology and the lifecycle of current Ford vehicles move forward, the need for new, appealing products increases. Ford CEO Jim Hackett recently said that the company isn’t mortgaging the present for long-term future projects but that Ford’s success will in one way or another be measured by future developments.

As reported by CBS News’ “Money Watch,” Hackett said in an Associated Press interview that Ford continues to develop new vehicles and will dedicate the lion’s share of their budget to improving its lineup. Long-in-the-tooth vehicles like the Fusion and Escape could be on the docket for updating, as could additions to the small SUV and electric offerings. While technology offerings will play a big role, so are hot and spicy new additions like the newly-announced Ford Ranger Raptor for the Asia Pacific market.

2017 Ford F-150 XLT

However, Ford’s F-Series continues to lead the way in sales and modernity, and that applies both to the company and the segment. Ford’s top-selling pickups carry an aluminum body that improves weight and, consequently, efficiency. While rumors of the Blue Oval using aluminum for other vehicles have circulated profusely, there is no official word aside from the current F-150, Super Duty, and upcoming Expedition SUV.


 ‘I’m not ready to admit that Ford is facing a world where it’s losing a lot of personal buyers. But I would admit that they’re going to have a lot more options.’


Ford’s models currently in development include both the 2019 Ranger and the 2020 Bronco, although their design and construction have not been revealed. The new CEO has received some criticism after Ford’s purchase of app-based shuttle company Chariot, and a $1 billion investment in Argo AI, a robotics company. Those two recent charges accompanied a four-percent slip in U.S. sales in July along with a small loss in market share.


Hackett also addressed the white elephant in the room: the immense popularity of ride-sharing services like Uber and how they are impacting the car sales market. “I’m not ready to admit that Ford is facing a world where it’s losing a lot of personal buyers,” said the CEO. “But I would admit that they’re going to have a lot more options.”

The upcoming trucks and SUVs should play an enormous role for the Motor Company. Needless to say, we at Ford Truck Enthusiasts very much so look forward to them!

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