Ford Works With Deutsche Post on Electric Delivery Van

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Deutsche Post

Ford and Deutsche Post are hauling the mail and saving the environment, one letter at a time.

Ford has been working hard on the next generation of alternative powertrains. While some on Wall Street claim that Ford is in danger of falling behind, at least one large company seems to think they’re doing just fine.

Deutsche Post has partnered with Ford to manufacturer an electric vehicle to deliver mail. Through their subsidiary StreetScooter GmbH, Deutsche Post plans to work with Ford-Werke GmbH to build an all-electric postal van on the Transit platform. The Transit cab and chassis cab will be modified to house the new electric drivetrains, and the bodywork will be unique to Deutsche Post/DHL mail delivery vehicles.

Deutsche Post

The StreetScooter is a small, zero-emission mail delivery scooter developed by Deutsche Post. Using the lessons learned on that successful project, StreetScooter GmbH, now its own subsidiary, will help Ford to scale up that technology to build an all-electric Transit.

The Transit will be manufactured beginning in July of this year. By the end of next year, the Streetscooter/Ford venture expects to have at least 2,500 units on the road, delivering mail. That will make them the highest volume producer of medium-duty electrical vehicles in Europe.

Deutsche Post

That may sound like an ambitious goal, but entirely possible given StreetScooter’s track record. There are already 2,500 light-duty StreetScooters in service throughout Europe. With the addition of the new assembly line and expanded operations at the factory, it’s expected that an additional 20,000 of the small electric vans will be produced this year alone.

Deutsche Post

Soon, you’ll be seeing small electric vans all over Europe. It’s only a matter of time before the electrified Transit will be everywhere, too – perhaps even America. With so much space for batteries, and the torque of an electric motor, your business may soon find itself shopping for one.

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