Ford Designer Says New F-150 Inspired by Skyscrapers

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Ford Atlas Concept Home

Marcus Slater
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The New York Daily news got a chance to sit down with Ford’s Vice President of Design, J Mays, to discuss the new F-150. He didn’t really drop any news concerning specific details of the next-gen truck, but he does give some insight into what goes into the styling aspect.

Key to the F-150 is inspiration from objects built with a purpose. They looked at heavy duty construction vehicles and architecture as similar products. According to Mays, the F-150 is “absolutely no nonsense… it’s constructed more than styled.” That’s what I like to hear. Function over form.

Honestly if it comes out looking remotely similar to the Atlas concept, I think most people will be happy with it (myself included). We’ll get a look at the new truck in January at the Detroit Auto Show. Can’t wait.

via [NY Daily News]


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