Ford Debuts 2013 Raptor and F-150 Limited

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Hot on the heels of the 2013 base model F-150 are the announcements of it’s two higher-end trim levels: the Raptor and the F-150 Limited. Similar to the base model, both trucks are evolutionary rather than radical redesigns over the outgoing models. Which is fine, because like last years models, they’re both extremely capable and popular.

There is some new stuff though. The big change for the Raptor are it’s new wheels. They’re aluminum and can be upgraded with beadlocks. For off-roaders this is handy, as beadlocked wheels will keep the tire from being pulled off the rim at low pressure. They’ve gone as far s to patent the system’s installation process, as described below:

Raptor’s wheels are unique because converting from conventional rim to beadlock only requires that customers unbolt the standard outer decorative ring, dismount the tire from its regular position and then remount the tire in the lock-enabled position with the available beadlock ring kit from Ford Racing.

The F-150 Limited has also learned some new tricks. Predicatbly, it’s getting the 3.5L Ecoboost V6, improving the truck’s mileage to 22mpg highway, and improving power to 365 ponies. Also, as expected, the Limited will be loaded with luxury equipment. Leather seats, aluminum trim, heated AND cooled seats, the whole shebang.

Those still not satisfied by these two have the Lariat, King Ranch, Harley-Davidson and the Platinum trims to choose fun. No one ever said the F-150 lacked variety.

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