Ford Dealership Video Looks like a Stephen King Movie!

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Who knew that selling Ford trucks could be so dangerous?!?

The video above comes to us via eBaumsWorld and it features footage of a Ford dealership being pounded by an incredible storm. For the better part of five minutes, hurricane-like winds and rain hammer the building but amazingly, all of the large windows hold up to Mother Nature’s fury. In fact, the rain and wind was so strong that water was forced under the closed doors, but all of the employees were safe and sound.

Storms in the Midwest

The American Midwest has been hammered by strong storms over the past few weeks, leading to horrific flooding in many areas. Back in 2014, a similarly nasty storm hit Boonsville, Indiana, assaulting D-Patrick Ford for a few minutes. That battle between Mother Nature and the glass-heavy dealership building was caught on film, making for some thrilling footage.

Ford Dealership Storm Lights

Driving Rain

When the video begins, we can see that it is raining pretty hard outside of the Indiana Ford dealership. Visibility is reduced and the doors rattle as the wind whips along the cars parked against the front of the building, but that is only the start of this storm.

Within 30 seconds, the storm is so violent that we can’t see anything beyond the vehicles parked closest to the building while the rain hits the glass so hard that it sounds like rocks hitting the glass. The man behind the camera phone continues as the power goes out, roughly a minute-and-a-half into the video as the rain continues to roar outside while the employees use an F-150 for cover.

Ford Dealership Storm Dark

After about three minutes, the rain lightens enough for visibility to improve, allowing the cameraman to get a bit closer to the glass doors. At that point, we can see that the doors and windows survived, but the rain and winds were so hard that it forced water under the double doors.

Crank up your speakers and check out this footage of nature’s fury.

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