Ford Dealer Offered $50 if You Didn’t Buy a Ranger: Throwback Thursday

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Nothing says confidence in the 1984 Ranger like offering people cash to buy something else.

This week’s Throwback Thursday video comes to us from the YouTube channel of Dusty Oxide and it takes us back to 1984, where a Ford dealership in Parkersburg, West Virginia would pay anyone $50 if they drove the new Ranger before buying something else. In the modern age of automotive sales, there are a seemingly-endless list of incentives used to get people to buy new cars, trucks and SUVs, but rarely do we see cash payments from a dealership for buying another brand.

1984 Ford Ranger

Dare to Compare

In this Parkersburg-area 1984 Ford Ranger commercial, the dealership begins by stating that they are looking to sell more than 2,500 vehicles during the first three months of the year. One of the vehicles that they are pushing the hardest is the 1984 Ranger and they are so confident in that small pickup that they offered a “dare to compare” deal.

Anyone who drove a 1984 Ford Ranger and its two key competitors – the Chevrolet S10 and the Toyota pickup – if you buy one of the other two trucks, the dealership would give you $50 cash. That shows a great deal of confidence in the Ranger, especially when compared to the other top models in the segment.

Seems Like an Easy $50

Imagine that back in 1984, you were planning to buy a new Chevy S10 or Toyota pickup. You could go drive the Ranger first, and provided that you didn’t fall in love with it, you could then go buy the other truck and go collect your $50 – although this would have meant settling for one of those other two trucks.

This loophole is likely why we don’t see many deals like this anymore, but back in 1984, it was an interesting incentive to get people in the door to drive the Ford Ranger.

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