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Craziest Patents

From a mobile movie theater, to an unconventional shifter location, Ford has some interesting ideas in the pipeline.

Through the years, we’ve seen some pretty crazy patents from enterprising individuals. From an electrified tablecloth to a motorized ice cream cone, and even a device that moistens postage stamps for you. While big companies like Ford can’t really compete with those ideas in terms of pure silliness, that doesn’t mean they haven’t tried.

In fact, we’ve seen at least three recent ideas from the Blue Oval that have us a little worried about them. Kind of like that crazy uncle you have who always has some sort of hair-brained-get rich-quick scheme to sell you. Even though these ideas aren’t likely to show up in your next truck, Ford’s latest and craziest patents were compelling enough to wind up on legally binding documents.

Autonomous Vehicle Entertainment System

Craziest Patents

As you already know, autonomous vehicles are the wave of the future. And while 100% self-driving cars are still a few years off, that doesn’t mean we can’t start thinking about what we’ll do with all that newfound free time. Sure, you can read a book or browse social media, but how about a giant, drop down, projection screen and ceiling mounted projector? It’s like bringing a drive-in movie theater inside your truck! The best part is, you’ll be too busy watching the latest superhero flick to notice your self-driving truck has taken a dive off the nearest cliff. Maybe Ford should patent a giant cape, too.

Vehicle Windshield

Craziest patents

Speaking of windshields, did you know that one of Ford’s craziest patents is, quite simply, a windshield? We’ll give you a minute to compose yourself and let that sink in. This amazing piece of technology does it all, protecting you from the elements and providing a place for police to stick parking tickets! But why would Ford bother to try and patent the windshield, you might ask? It apparently has something to do with the ongoing battle over the vehicle repair market.

Steering Wheel-Mounted Gear Selector

craziest patents

The idea for a steering wheel mounted shifter is so crazy, we devoted an entire (and excellent, by the way) article to exploring it. Taking things a step further from the dash mounted shift buttons of the ’60s, Ford has considered adding paddles to steering wheels. Not like your typical paddle shifters, mind you. This design features two additional paddles used to shift into park, neutral, drive, or reverse. It’s an interesting idea, but one that will probably never come to fruition. After all, today’s technology does a good enough job confusing drivers.

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