Ford of the Corn: Check Out This F-150 Corn Maze in Ohio

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Ohio Farm Creates Giant Corn Maze Inspired by All-New Ford F-150

I grew up, and still live in, Northwest Ohio. As a result of my rural upbringings, I’m familiar with the fall concept of the corn maze. Basically, some farmers have set their farms up to be fall festival zones, and they take their high corn and knock down a maze for people to try to get through. The Leaders family in Napoleon, Ohio took it a step farther by creating a corn maze devoted to the new 2015 Ford F-150.

Ohio Farm Creates Giant Corn Maze Inspired by All-New Ford F-150

As you can see from the overhead shot, the lines of the maze are designed to make an image of the new, aluminum-body pickup truck, with the script “Built Ford Tough” below it. They were inspired to make this maze after learning about the redesigned pickup truck. The whole family is a Ford family, and Kristin Leaders even learned how to drive using a Ford Model A.

Above there’s a video describing how they thought of the… holy crap it’s a PUMPKIN CANNON! Mericuh!


If you live in Northwest Ohio or Southeast Michigan, you should head out to Napoleon and see if you can conquer the F-150 Corn Maze. Hey, now that we have an overhead view of the maze, that should make it easier? Right?!

Inspired by the all-new Ford F-150, Leaders Farms near Napoleon, Ohio, has created a seven-acre corn maze as a tribute to Ford’s latest half-ton pickup – the toughest, smartest, most capable F-150 ever.

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